Friday, May 24, 2013

A new shopping center, maze or jail?

Once I told you about supermarkets strategy in China.

A new shopping center opened in Changsha and I think it follows the supermarket "maze strategy": once you enter the supermarket, you should follow a one way path and go through all the supermarket in order to get out!

In this supermarket, customers use a elevator to reach the top floor.
In order to get out, they should walk down and follow a one way path in the shape of a spiral.

This strategy is commonly used by Ikea all over the world.
While many european customers will get fed up with it, Chinese customers love this. They can enjoy a walk in a nice shopping mall, with their family. In summer anyway it is too hot outside. In winter it is too cold. Also there are not that many parks and places to walk in China...

It is also a different way to consumme.
In France, many customers don't have time. They know what they need and don't want to waste time.
In China, many customers love to walk around. They can buy irrationnal more often! Customers like something, they see: they buy it!

In the case of this shopping center, on the top floor, you find all the restaurants. Customer will eat first. Then they will walk down and reach a cinema. Then they will walk down and shop, clothes, household products... Outside of the supermarket, you find some activies for kids and adults: skating, dancing...

The only way down is a spiral...

The entry elevator will lead you to the top floor.

And down you go!
You can use elevators to go down but they were powered off... better to follow the spiral path down.