Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Air pollution in China: Totobobo vs Respro

As I arrived in Beijing a few days ago. I witnessed the incredible. Check the pictures first:

When you look at these picture, you might think it was raining. Or you might think that this is a foggy wet weather. In fact the weather was very dry in Beijing. There was no rain but the sun behin a curtain of pollution...

That day the Air Quality Index value were above 300. And it is how it looks like from the sky.

As you remember, I told you how important it is to wear a mask.
I decided to wear a mask only when riding my bike or doing jogging.
The rest of the time it is a little bit hard:
  • No one wears a mask and people gaze at you weird
  • Wearing a mask is not confortable at all...
  • Indoors I have my window open and nothing to clean the air

This is a picture of my totobobo mask after riding a bike in Changsha one hour. As you can see the filter is already getting dark...

Totobobo only drawbacks is for my nose.
I feel there is a small gap that can let air come in when I breath in and out. Of course if you don't have such a big nose and long then face, it wouldn't be a problem for you.

I also tried Respro.
I would not advise buying this mask. I don't like it as compared to Totobobo:
  • It is too hot
  • Changing the filter is much more expensive
  • I had really difficulties breathing with this mask, while running or riding a bike. At some point I had to slow down from the lack of air... 
The only great advantage is the Techno filter I couldn't smeel any of the car fume.
Even you stand behind a bus in a cloud of diesel fume, you smeel nothing but fresh air!
But even this filter is more a luxury than anything. You don't really need it. In the end only tiny particles can hurt your health.


  1. Hi George, thanks for the interesting post and recommendation for Totobobo mask. You can reduce the gaps around the nose by "heat moulding" your mask. Check the video here:

    1. Hello Francis,

      Thanks for the link! It is very interesting.
      I will try this or buy the Totobobo that fits just for the mouth.

      These days I didn't wear the mask often as hopefully pollution is down.
      I check the pollution level everyday if it is really too high I wear Totobobo mask.

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