Monday, May 20, 2013

"American dreams in China": the movie of a generation!

I went to see this movie: "the American dreams in China".

It is the story of a Chinese who tries to go to america but fails to get his visa.
He then becomes a teacher and opens his own private school... a success story.

This movie is master piece:

It is the story of New Oriental School a success story
How three friends opened the biggest private english teaching group from all China.
Watching the movie, you can start to understand why this private school was a success: hundreds of Chinese students listening to one teacher making joke and teaching english words using phonics.
I already told you once that Chinese people like to play with words phonics in order to make joke.
Here the teacher will play with word to teach english for instance: Wo Men (we are) will become the english word Women.
Also as you know Chinese people like to listen and take note, or repeat.

The story takes place in the 1980's. It tells us about a time of illusion in China.
At that time all Chinese had many dreams. Everyone wanted to become a billionnaire, a businessman. All Chinese wanted to go to America. It was the the time of the American rush.
I once told you that I believe China went through its illusion era. When I first came to China in 1998, the illusion era was on going. After the Beijing Olympic games China entered its realistic era. It is kind of ironical by the way. In fact the Beijing Olympic were the symbol of illusion for all China. In fact they were the point that made China entered it realistic phase and the desillusion era is close by...
New Oriental School could benefit from this "American rush", while preparing student for visa interviews, toeffel exams, GRT...

The story shows that many Chinese who went to America came back as they didn't really found what they expected. While the one who can not get his visa and start his company manage so well...

This movie shows how hard Chinese student worked and underwent sacrifice in order to reach some personnal goal and dream. This state of mind is not the same today. Chinese people have no dream or simple dream: have a child, marry, be healthy... They have less motivation to study and work. And it is probably better this way in tomorrow sustainable society and world!

I can only recommand that you watch this movie.


  1. I think the comment that Chinese people have no dreams or have simple dreams is a bit too generalized. Good post, though.

    1. Thanks ;-)

      You are right it would require some survey or statistics. What I mean is in the 80's or 90's or even until year 2000, Many (most?) Chinese people had big dream: become very rich, for their country, for their family, make business... (I say this as many Chinese people told me so and as I was working in China in 2000 I noticed a changed as compared to nowaday).

      Today many (most?) Chinese people I met just want to find a job. Many told me they don't want to marry!

      I think the way of thinking, dreams changed a lot. But it is just my perception. It would require a serious study/ survey.