Sunday, May 12, 2013

Avoid code bar on Chinese wine bottle

Today I will give you another good advise if you sell wine in China:
Don't stick any code bar on the wine bottle.

Also you should have as little information as possible about the wine producer.

As you know Chinese people love technology. Many carry a top mobile phone.
Another thing about Chinese: they will look at price, compare price, bargain.
Alltogether, it means many customers will scann the code bar or check the wine price on the internet!

It then becomes difficult to sell some wine at unreasonnable price.
Thus if you stick some code bar or too many information about the wine, many professionnal buyers won't want to buy your wine. They know that they can't make too high margins!

In fact, many wine professionnal in China, choose to control all the channel from production to distribution. Or they will sign some exclusivity contract for China. Thus they can make fair margins. Customers can not compare price or find the same wine at a cheaper price elswhere.