Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boxing and jogging in China

This is more a personnal article.
I try to train here in China and I would like to share a few tips that I learnt on the way:

Hoka shoes.
The best running shoes ever.
You can run on the road and you will feel as if you run on the beach!
It is a must to avoid injuries.
You should order them from abroad

Boxing shoes.
I was afraid this was a waste of money. In fact you can really train well with these. You can move better and practise the technics while punching.
You should order them from the Chinese internet.

I bought these bars in China to do pumps. It is very useful. It makes you work your back and abdominal muscles as well.
I try to do 50 pumps everyday.

I bought some New Balance running shoes. You should order them from abroad.
As compared to Hoka shoes, they are worth nothing... Still I use them when I run in the stadium around a track.
In China you have many running tracks in universities. I will show you some good spots... Some universities are less polluted. Many student go there to run or walk in the evening. Also running on a track is good for your joint, the ground is much softer, like some rubber... So if I use Hoka shoes altogether it will be too soft.

The bad aspect is that it is a little boring to run in circle around some track... but there are few good environment in Changsha.

I try to run 30 minutes, 5 days a week. I try to push myself no matter the weather. However I also keep it easy as I am afraid to injure myself if I push too hard.

A boxing timer.
This is a great tool for motivation and self discipline. I set it on 3minutes rounds with 1 minute pause.
I try to keep up punching my bag for 6 rounds.

5 meters strap
You will avoid injuries with these. I tried the 3 meters strap and injured myself. Better to have a longer one.

Boxing bag.
Thanks to the suckers, this bag won't bang on the floor and disturb the neighbours.
However it won't move back and forth. I have seen some similar models that move back and forth. Also the best is to attach a bag from the ceiling but this was not possible in my place.

I rarely use it as I do the push up with the above bars... It is enough for me ;-)


  1. You will avoid injuries with these. I tried the 3 meters strap and injured myself.
    Martial arts center

    1. Yes thanks!
      Now I have been using the 5 meters and have had no injury :-)

      Same for running: as long as I use Hoka shoes it is fine. Otherwise I keep running on a track and the ground is elastic, even better than grass.

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  3. Boxing shoes are a must! I know technically you can do without them but the difference you feel with them is insane. Completely worth the money if you're serious about boxing.

    Fred | London Fight Factory