Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chinese customers are more complex than it appears...

Once I told you that Chinese customers have many similarities.
Even though China is a huge country, Chinese people share many similarities.
Take french people for instance it is a melting pot. French people can differ through religion, education, age, wealth, origins...
In China apparently it is not that complex. Consumer society is fairly recent. Customers have similar state of minds. Religion has less importance. Traditional educations at home and in public format people. Immigration is a new thing....

Truth is sometimes Chinese customers are much more complex than it appears.

Let's take the example of drinking water for Chinese customers at Beijing airport:

You can find water bottle with prices ranking from 14rmb to 1,5rmb!
Volvic imported water or local bottled water.

Customers have the choice between 8 different kind of water.

Customers can buy from the automatic vending machine.

Customers can also buy water bottles from shops. I couldn't take any picture inside these shops.

Here you can drink some free cold water!

Chinese customers can also get free hot water.
Most Chinese people cary with them some tea and need free hot water.

In one same airport, customers can drink water for free or pay 1,5rmb or 4rmb or... and even 14rmb!
When you think about it all customers in the airport are wealthy as they can take the plane. Some are willing to pay 14rmb while others want water for free! How can you explain this? 
From this you can see the complexity of Chinese customers.

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