Friday, May 3, 2013

French snail in China: Pizza hut fraud...

French snail are a famous french dish well known by Chinese people.

Most Chinese people want to try french food. And they want to try french snails.
Pizza Hut understood that it could make a lot of money from this.

Six small snails with garlic butter oil 35rmb.
Pizza Hut can make a confortable margin!

However offering snails to Chinese customers is an important challenge: snails taste like dirt...
You should follow a long process when preparing earth snail: put some salt and let them get out all their water for 48 hours. It will get out some of the bad taste.

Pizza Hut and restaurants who offer snails in China found a solution:
Instead of earth snail, they offer sea snails!

Most of the sea snails in China come from Philippines. And the political island issue between China and Philippines was a hard blow for snails restaurant. It became then very hard to buy snails from Philippines.