Monday, May 6, 2013

In China phone numbers come and go

I am just back to China. And I found out that my mobile phone number has been cancelled!

The phone company explained me that I had not paid my bill and therefore they cancelled the line.
In case of unpaid credit, the phone company will wait one month then it will cancel the line.

I think this tells us several things:
  • There are many people in China and the phone company will not wait as it needs to always have available phone numbers for new potential customers.

  • Chinese customers find it normal that the phone company cancels their phone number only after one month. I think in France customers would complain and even might sue the phone company. One month is a very short notice. And a phone number of part of your identity. It is your property. But in China property is not a well accepted notion. As you know you can only own a appartment for 60 years. I think a french customer will ask to retain his phone number for 3 to 6 month as he would consider it to be his property. A Chinese customer will not mind.

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