Saturday, May 25, 2013

In China: what star to sell which product?

Like in France, consummers need reference to buy.
When you show a star, you sell better. The star tell consummers to buy, recommand a product, shows that he uses a product.

The dilemna for brands is to choose the best star for their product: what star to choose?
  • singers
  • sportmen
  • foreigners or Chinese?
  • comedians
  • actors
  • ...

A few example in pictures:
The comedian Da Bing. He is very popular in China.
He promotes Chinese alcoohol: baijiu, phone and many products.

I am not sure about him. He must be a sportman.

A sportwoman, gold medalist at the olympic games.

You can create your own mascotte... after all it is cheaper!

Harbin always use this NBA star for promotion.
In fact many beer customers are young people. They love NBA.

For beauty products, perfume, cream, many brands use foreign models or actors

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