Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Innovative Soya milk products in France: positive globalization

Chinese people like to drink soya milk for breakfast.

In the south of France this product was developped by a German company.
In fact with the new comers in the UE, many french milk producers went bankrupt... They couldn't face cheap competition and the monopoly of a few distribution giant (Carrefour and co...).

This producer in the south of France decided to produce soya milk instead of milk.
I think it is a great example of good globalization and innovation.
The company copied some traditionnal Chinese product and improved it!

Many Chinese I have met told me they would like to have this product in China... I am sure in a few years from now it will come to China.

 It is soya milk with vanilla.

It a organic product!

 Here you have the ingredients: some seaweeds!


  1. Hi Georges, in Germany you can buy German Soy milk with different tastes (pure, vanilla, chocolate, banana) for several years. It's only a pity that for the price of 1 litre Soy milk you can buy 2 or 3 litres cow milk.
    Btw., hopefuly the french company will be succesful with this business, I like Soy products with a good quality :-)

    1. Hello!
      Yes there are many good, innovative organic products in Germany. They "rip off their usually wealthy customers" a little. Even though their products are healthy and innovative. I also like all the oat meal products or cereal. I will show one of these cereal, they use some marrow seed... and also I believe might have been inspired by Chinese people.