Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photos from China, Changsha

In  the plane, this man is watching just for laugh, a Canadian prank show from Quebec.
Just for laugh is everywhere in China in buses, plane, airports... It shows foreigners pranks. It is funny and it gives a really positive image of foreigners.

In front of the restaurant, they wave at cars to stop and eat at their restaurant!

In China, all tree trunks are painted in white. This is some kind of medecine to protect the trees.

This is a new Korean restaurant. They use gangnam style to attract customers.

Korean Pizza.
It is very interesting: the pizza bread is thick Chinese type bread. The topping is a mixture of potatoes, bacon, cheese.
You will pour some liquid honey on the hot pizza... delicious and very special.

Some Korean spaghettis

The corn soup was very liquid and delicious

When eating in a restaurant you should wash your chopsticks, glass and bowls like this

Few old trees are left in Changsha.
This is a cinnamon tree!

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