Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tuan gou: book a restaurant online and pay less

In china most young Chinese people who go to restaurant buy online!

This concept in called Tuan gou "团购网"

Tuan gou concept
This is a very important change in the way people consume.
Chinese people always look for a good deal, for some reduced price, for some special offer, some present: they want something for their money!

Therefore most Chinese people don't simply go to restaurant.
They would rather book a restaurant special offer set online.

Several website have tuan gou offer.
These websites compete with each other.

Also you have many different tuan gou website for different Chinese cities...
However in time there will certainly be only a few main website left

Sometimes Tuan Gou might not be such a good deal: restaurants find strategies to offer more reductions on tuan gou:
  • They artificially increase their price in order to offer more discount -80%! -90%!!! They know that the Chinese customers will look at the percentage of reduction.
  • They find ways to make you pay extra: for drinks, food
  • They design a very basic and cheap tuan gou offer
  • The tuan gou offer doesn't include any special dish
  • The tuan gou offer is not enough and you will still be hungry
  • The tuan gou offer only works on some days and time when the restaurant knows it will have free seats: lunch time, week days...
  • Restaurants will attract customers with tuan gou and lose some money in order to make themselves known
  • Some restaurant use tuan gou to show their new food offer

As you understand you should be careful when choosing a tuan gou: some can be great deals, others are clever tricks to attract customers...

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