Monday, May 27, 2013

Why Chinese beefsteak is different from french beefsteak?

I have always wondered why Chinese beefsteak is different from french beefsteak?
When you eat a beef steak in France, the meat will be very tender. In fact it will almost melt under your tongue, no need to chew it.

In China, the cook will use meat tendernizer, add onion, make holes in the meat, use papaye juice... and many other ways to make the meat tender.
But in the end, the meat doesn't taste the same as in France. Personnaly I don't like Chinese beef steak.

For a long time I believed this was due to the quality of the meat.
While in France we have delicious fat cows, Chinese cows are not the same.
But then I realize this reasonning is a little naive.
Of course some Chinese beef are the same as in France. And even for different species can the taste really differ that much?
Back in France I finaly found out why Chinese beefsteak is not as tender as in France?

It is is called "faisandage". This great article tells us all about it.
Butcher will hang the beef carcass for several days, thus letting it root a little. The meat will therefore become much tender.

While Chinese people use this technique for other kind of meat: birds, ducks, pork... they don't use it for beef!
In fact I realized Chinese people know many great technique to keep meat, salt it, dry it, smoke it, get rid of the blood of pig meat... but for some other technique they don't do this.
This is true for the beef meat.