Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why Chinese parents prefer girls?

There was a time of terrible stories: children abandonned, children being drowned, suffocated under pillows...

In fact Chinese farmers wanted boys to help them with the hard labour work.
With the one child policy having a girl was a disaster for the family. Even though when a girl marry the husband family should pay some money to the bride family.
But then the one child policy evolved. It allowed Chinese people from the countryside to have several children as long as the first born was a girl. Then it allowed Chinese people from the countryside to have several children.

Anyway as a consequence of this "preference" for boys, you have now many more men than girls in China. This has many consequences on the way of thinking. I will tell you more in some other post ;-)

Nowadays most Chinese parents would rather have a girl.
Why is that?
Girls will stay with their parents and take care of them when they get old!
While boys will go away. Anyway boys have the reputation to take less care of their parents. In  a "madcho" Chinese society, men work, women stay at home take care of parents, children.
Chinese parents want to have children so that children will stay at their side and take care of them. But this is another story and I will tell you this in a next article.

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