Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why you can not throw toilet paper in Chinese toilets?

When I first came in China in 2002, I was chocked by the toilet: you can not throw toilet paper and should use a special basket for this!

I often wonder why?
Why can't you throw toilet paper in Chinese toilet?

In fact the answer is easy: toilets pipes are too narrow! When you throw toilet paper or other things, it will block the pipe.
But then why not change the toilet pipe?
This can not be done! All the toilet pipe network is the same under the city. I am not sure how and where it all started? Probably the first pipe were once installed in Beijing or Shanghai when toilet paper was a luxury.
Anyway if you want to change the pipes, you should destroy all the street and replace all the pipes!

Worst toilet pipe and sewage were built not deep enough!
It means you will often have nasty smeel.
And when it rains too much, toilet water will come up and floor streets! This is of course very unhealthy.
Remember I told you about this terrible accident in Changsha: the metal plate for the sewage system was gone. And a poor girl fel in the hole.
Ever wonder how come the metal plate go away?
Some are stolen
Others are pushed by the water pressure as the water will rise until street level and since the sewage system in not built deep enough...