Monday, June 3, 2013

A successful business concept: Chinese sushis shops

Remember once I told you in China "small is beautiful".
Here is another example.

This Chinese owner already opened two sushis shops in a few months.

Self service: customers pay and take their change

Sushis are wrapped and ready to take away.
You can share them with others and use toothpick for this.
Chinese people are accustomed to share the food instead of having individual plates.

You have the choice between two sauces.

You select the ingredients you want.
They have some typical Chinese ingredients: spicy pork meat, spicy beef meat, spicy chicken meat, dried tofu, sausage, salty egg...
The sushis is then prepared in a few minutes: sugar rice wrapped with dried sea wedge, cucomber, carrot, dried pork grease...

Not only does this shop offers sushis but also some fried egg, flour balls.
Many customers will order this while waiting for their sushis.

The shop design is beautiful.

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