Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dragon boat festival: good luck plants bouquet

Today in China is the dragon boat festival.
Last year I told you about this festival.

Now I want to show you a custom that most Chinese people follow.
During the dragon boat festival you should buy some good luck plants and hang them outside of your home.
In fact in several religions you will also buy plants, branches for special occasion, for instance the palm tree or olive tree for Catholic during fast...

This is my neighbour good luck bouquet from last year

 My bouquet. It smells like mint.

You should burn some incent to clean your home and bring good luck

Some plants are traditionnal Chinese medecine.
And for the dragon boat festival you should put them in hot water then drink this healthy beverage.

During the dragon boat festival you should eat rice ball.

I am not sure why, you should buy two bouquets.
Chinese people care about numbers and sometimes about symmetry.