Sunday, June 9, 2013

Low cost shops in China are booming

I see more and more low cost shops in Changsha, China.

This is a new trend: an effect of the crisis?
Some shops open for a short period of time and sell some commodities at low prices.

How can these shops thrive?

  • They benefit from empty building where previous businesses went bankrupt. The low cost shop will open for a short time: only until another business occupies the place
  • They sell commodities aquired from factories at low prices. In China many factories go bankrupt or get rid of their unsold products!
  • They target modest income customers who are looking for small prices and some good deal. Many Chinese customers want to make a good deal!

 In this location there was a bank before. Now it is a low cost shop!

Low price posters. It attracts Chinese customers who search for the deal of the century!

The shop owner always stands at the entrance. 
He sits at a desk there. This is where you pay.
I am not sure why? Maybe he wants to discourage anyone to steal some product?

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