Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The main difference between Chinese and western wines: decantering

If you have ever been to China, you might have witnessed Chinese people skipping queue, fighting to get on a bus, shouting for their dishes to come after waiting more than 5 minutes in a restaurant.
Truth is as opposed to the stereotype, Chinese people are not patient at all!
They want all everything!

We can observe this for the Chinese wine.
Chinese wine are all "ready to drink" wines.
While some Chinese wine taste good, they won't get better as you wait longer! The taste will always be the same no matter how long you wait for!

This is because Chinese customers have no patience and no wine culture.
Whereas in France, we will take our time to taste a wine and enjoy drinking while eating some food and chatting, in China it is a different story.
Most Chinese people will open a bottle and bottom up their glasses same as for rice alcohol (bai-jiu). The faster they get drunk, the better! You need to be drunk and happy!

This might even explain that some Chinese wines got better grades than western wines in some wine international competition organized in China. If you don't let the foreign wines rest for a while, if you don't decanter them, their taste might not be at its best!
Decantering requires some knowledge, staff training and the adequate material: a wine pitcher, some wine... glasses...

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