Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Changsha Yuanda Road: left of the train station: frozen food market, decoration market...

Changsha old train station is located at the beginning of Wuyi Road, Changsha main avenue.
This is the train station. I took this picture on saturday. During the week the traffic is dense, exceptially before 9an and after 5pm.

When you face the train station, take left.
Then you should turn on your right under the bridge, take Yuanda Road! (East Second Road).

  • Market for frozen sea food, meat... 
This large market sells  frozen products from China and abroad.
The market entrance.
Opposite of the market there is a hotel.

  • Decoration market: lamps, flooring, staircase, paintings...
If you continue down Yuanda road you  find an important decoration market. Here you will find: lamps, flooring, staircase...
The entrance of the market.

  • Furniture market
Next to the decoration market, you find a furniture markets. The furnitures there are old models but the prices are good, probably one of the best in Changsha.

  • Decoration market: aeration, windows, cars components...
There you have another decoration market for windows, ventilation, cars components...

You should go under the bridges still on Yuanda Road.

Opposite of this decoration market you have a street where you  find many shops that sell doors, photo frames.

  • Market for door, photo frames

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