Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How Chinese government prepares the ageing of its population...

One week ago a new law forced children not to leave their parents alone. The law included the obligation for children to often visit their parents who are older than 60 years old. Also several governmental directives ordered children to help their parents to remary, take them to the cinema, listen to them, tell them souvenirs, explain them how to use internet. 

Chinese reactions to these regulation were rather positive. However you should think it through from the right angle...
Chinese population gets older and this raises major issues: who will pay for the old Chinese people retirement, who will take care of them? where will they live? how about health problems?

These are so many challenges for Beijing.
And what if older, alone, sick, poor... old chinese started to complain. After all they didn't choose the one child policy.

Chinese children must work far away from home: where there is work, in a coastal city or even abroad.
This is what the Chinese government tells to younger generation: move, go abroad to work! This kind of contradicts the regulation! How can a one child take care of his parents, work, make money, take care of his own child...impossible.
Thus often chinese children come back to live near their parents home. How many Chinese children leave their parents by choice? Not only Chinese people live in family but also it is easier for young Chinese people to live with their old parents.

In fact how many children are concerned by this law? 1000 children? a few marginal cases that will be extensively covered by the medias in order to attract people attention.
The Chinese government withdraw and anticipates criticism... Beijing is not responsible for older people: chinese children are! In a communist country people should take care of themselves not the state!

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