Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to access facebook in China? (guestpost)

Remember I once discussed how to access facebook, youtube, google in China. 
Alice asked me to share her post. She shares a solution to access facebook in China.

"For those of us that travel for business, certain services that are offered online can really come in handy, especially when you know which ones are absolutely necessary to use.

I travel to China a few times a year, and like many, I use Facebook for both work and pleasure. Up until about a year ago I always had to find alternate ways to unblock Facebook in China, not to mention other social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, and even the local news. I wouldn't dare download a VPN onto my work computer since it is impossible to know in advance what the results will be. In fact, it is against my company policy ever since one of the guys who installed a VPN brought a virus back to the office network.

For obvious reasons, my company only allows travelers to use web based services. However, I was still worried about using web based proxies since most of them are not secure, and I didn’t want to take a chance of using an unsecured website from my laptop. I found and to be honest, my experience in china has become more pleasant thanks to this great service.

It is a really great, reliable proxy service. I would only trust a company that offers a free trial without asking for your email or credit card first because it shows that they have nothing to hide. After using the free trial, I decided to give the service a try, and I really hoped that it would work and I could use all the various social media platforms like Facebook to unwind and catch up with friends, as well as watch videos for a few hours in the evenings.

My days in China are full and once I arrive back at my hotel room, limited surfing is the very last thing I want to worry about. Unfortunately, I don't understand Chinese yet so watching television is not much of an option... Once I found my evenings became far more productive as I was able to do what was needed as if I were working from home.
 I came across Proxy-Center just before one of my trips a year ago. I searched everywhere determined to find a proxy service that is secure, and that I could trust.

I am really glad that I took the time to do proper research, and found a reliable proxy service that has been going with me to China ever since. Many people who travel to countries with online censorship have no choice but to take notes and leave the work until they return, not understanding that there are ways to get around Chinese firewalls. I only hope that more people learn about some of the amazing online services like this one and spend less time worrying and more time enjoying like me."


  1. Governments sometimes enforce censorship on all forms of print and digital media like newspapers, television and websites with prohibitted material on internet like facebook. But you can still access these sites through Unblock Facebook

  2. I have been very happy with the China proxy I use. The service is good, the internet speed is great and the major bonus is that Facebook chat works, as opposed to other proxies that do not support Facebook chat. There is also a free trial, and they don't ask for any information for you to be able to use it.