Wednesday, July 3, 2013

In China, the bigger the logo, the better for customers!

Once I told you how Lacoste encounters many difficulties in China.
Even though the brand is known as the authentic brand  by westerners and some Chinese in coastal cities in  Hong Kong..., in mainly China very few know that it is the authentic.
Mainland Chinese customers would rather buy Crocodile or some other "fake Lacoste". And Lacoste is doing very little to improve its product quality or spend on communication events.

Now in  mainland China I see more and more Chinese customers like to wear this "Lacoste copy".
Sometimes the bigger the brand, the better to show off!


  1. I am a German living in China and I laugh my arse each time a Chinese tell me that they find something classy or pretigious because they have absolutely awful taste when it comes to fashion, architecture and so-on.

    In their mind wearing any brand logo increase their mianzi and give them some kind of status, even things that does not match at all like a Gucchi bag with Nike shoes, they will still think that they are classy just because these are famous brands.

    I know a Chinese woman married to a Frenchman, one day he bought her as a gift a top of the line authentic Vuitton bag during one his business trip in Paris, when she saw it she immediately sold it to someone else through the internet because the LV logo on it was not big enough. Instead she got a fake, low quality one with the LVLVLVLVLVLVLV design all over it from the local fake market.

    Chinese are truly the most superficial people I have ever met, they are ready to accept low quality and mediocrity in almost every aspects of their life, they will buy without any question or complaint anything with a big logo on it no matter how ugly or low quality it actually is, I understand why global brands are fighting hard to penetrate the Chinese market, it is so easy to sell any sh*t to people here.

    1. yes you are right.
      although thing change slowly... more and more wealthy chinese people learn that they should match colors shapes and not care brand too much but rather quality.