Monday, July 15, 2013

In China private buses transport customers for free...

Once I told you about supermarket strategy in China: how they target children with gadgets, women with apparent cheap prices, men with speciality products (alcoohol)...

In fact supermarkets in China do more than this!
They transport customers to the supermarket. There is a huge private free bus network available for all. At  first I thought the buses were for supermarket employees.
Privates buses financed by shopping center this is a little ironical in a communist country.
Sometimes these buses replace normal buses for "poorer Chinese people".
Nobody see any problem with it since the buses are free.

The buses are financed by Chinese supermarket: RT Mart, Hypermart... I have still not yet seen any bus by Wall-Mart, Carrefour. It might be that authorities didn't authorize this? Or simply that Wall-Mart, Carrefour strategy differ?

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