Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Chinese train stations: gigantic and already getting old!

New modern train station have been built all over China.
These train station are part of the Chinese fast train project. Chinese fast train now links north to south China and east to west China.

If you have seen one of these train station you have seen them all.
They all look the same and were built identical all over China!

New fast train stations are far too big
They were built to accomodate hundred thousands of passengers. But right now they look kind of empty. But there is worst...

Since the train stations are so gigantic, it must generate many costs: for cleaning, for the air conditioning, the water... Not really "sustainable development"
I was in Shenzhen new train station a few weeks ago. On the upper floor the air conditioning was broken or shut down to minimize the costs? It was incredibly hot as the train station is made of glass! and the temperature outside is above 30 degrees!
Not only that but most shops on the second floor went bankrupt since it is too hot for passenger to stay there long!
And even though the train station is brand new it is already falling apart. You can see clocks that indicate the time... The clocks were all broken and indicated a wrong time! This is a train station! Time matters...

In my opinion this is yet another gigantic short term Chinese project that generated money and some jobs while it was built...

Some of the empty shops on the train station second floor. Check the video for more.

In this video, you can see all the clocks on the first floor that gives a wrong time...

Passagers are willing to brave the second floor heat to go to Mac Donald or KFC!

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