Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wanda Plaza comes to Changsha!

Wanda is the largest real estate conglomerate in China.

Several months ago Wanda started building a Wanda Plaza, a new luxury commercial center with offices, on the riverside, in Changsha city center.
And several Chinese friend advised me to invest as Wanda is known to build quality and durable buildings!

Price per m2, 24 000rmb!
And the spaces for sale are a minimum of 100m2
But it is commercial space! This means that these locals can be used to establish a company. Some locals don't have this qualification.
I don't know who decides and according to which criteria, the authority can attribute or not this mention: commercial local... It has a clear incidence on the price!

Wang Jianlin President of Wanda in 2012 bought AMC, the second cinema network in north america. The group wants to become a main player abroad.

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