Saturday, July 20, 2013

What do you find close to a Chinese administration?

Showing you what businesses you find near a Chinese administration help us understand a lot...
An important administration.

Like many Chinese administrations, it looks like a middle age castle. The building shape conveys: mystery, power, hierarchy. Most important official have their offices on the higher floor.
In fact universities renovated and all followed this model. All Chinese universities I know built a high building for the administration. The staff has its office in the different floor: the higher, the more important.

In front of the administration you find go between companies. They will take care of the administrative documents for you. They know the procedures and have some network with the administration staff.

Stamp shops.
In a near future some lucky or clever people will develop the electronic stamps.

You find restaurants. 
Administration take a break from 12 to 15pm.
The officers have lunch in nearby restaurants. They can also invite in these restaurant. Many administrations have now their own restaurants.

 A garage to repair cars while you eat.

Shops, supermarkets offer presents, alcoohol cigarettes... it is important to build on the guanxi and make "unofficial" presents...

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