Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Chinese employees wear smileys?

In China most employees in shopping center, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hairdressers, trains... wear smileys.
For a foreigner, this can look childlish, but in fact this smiley is not insignificant...

Why Chinese employees wear smileys?

  • Smiley reminds employees that they should smile! When a employee sees his colleagues and their smileys, it reminds him that he should smile. Smiley is therefore part of the Chinese group management: each employee is implicitly reminded his obligations.  
  • Smiley is also a way to communicate with customer: show customer that you are here to serve him and with a smile...

Surprising: Smileys are first used by Wall-Mart employees.
But in China, smiley is everywhere. Chinese companies copied Wall-Mart american management ways?