Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why is it difficult to sell white wine and rosé in China?

Even so more and more Chinese customers buy white wine and rosé, red wine is the norm.

Why is it difficult to sell white wine and rosé to Chinese customers?

  • Red wine remains the norm in the mind of many Chinese customers. Following clichés, wine should be red!
  • Incredible but there is no translation in China to translate wine wine! Red wine translate as hong liu= red alcoohol. White wine translation is bai jiu= white alcoohol. But the problem is that bai jiu is the name for the Chinese traditionnal 40 degrees alcoohol! Therefore you can differenciate from the contexte or say: bai hong jiu= white red wine in order to show that you speak about wine and not about Chinese alcoohol
  • White wine costs often more that red wine. Thus it is difficult to target the "mass market" or even try to. Chinese customers are reluctant to try if there is no famous brand, advertising  campain... 

  • Chinese people don't know that you should drink white wine and rosé wine cool! There is worst even restaurant staff don't know this! or forget it if there is not someone to remind them all the time. Did you ever try to drink rosé or white wine with 33 degrees... 

Change is possible... Take beer for instance.
It interesting to note that a few years ago most Chinese people drank their beer warm. Very few places offered fresh beers to customers. Today almost all Chinese customers drink their beer fresh! Restaurants and shops are now accustom to keep beers in fridges! I believe that this change came from the foreigners who stay in China and  from the Chinese people who have been abroad! The education that one should drink a beer fresh came from small talk in just a few years!

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