Sunday, August 18, 2013

A few photos from China

At a fish restaurant entrance.
In China restaurants keep fresh supplies, sometimes fishes, sometimes cows, donkeys, rabbits...

Punching in.
In Chinese companies you punch in your working hours: arrival and departure.

Baby swimmer.
This is a new strong trend in China.
Wealthy parents pay swimming lessons for babies. Babies love it.

Evening dance.
In different spots, some Chinese dance teacher will offer dance lessons. It is free and everyone can join!

I often wonder wether the city or the government pays the dance teacher but I don't think so!
I think dance teachers and very early in the morning a few martial art masters want to give their art.

A skate park.
This is another new trend in modern China: building skate park.
It is kind of strange as few Chinese people play skate... so why does the city builds skate park? Why not use the money to build mahjong table or dancing grounds or...

I personnaly believe that Chinese cities simply copy of American cities: similar roads, firelights, skate parks... Once again Chinese city planner don't invent a new and authentic Chinese style city. They copy the US model.

A small temple at the road side.
I have seen several small temples and shrines on countryside roads. It is a little like Catholic shrines in France.

My friend Alain. He works as a Chef.

1000 rmb reward if you find this dog!
Chinese people love dogs too ;-)

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