Friday, August 23, 2013

Changing name to change reputation in China?

In a few years time, Changsha number 22 high school, changed name 3 times...:

Number 22 high school.
A few years ago the high school was called number  22 high school.

Unfortunately, students didn't get good results and the high school built a bad reputation. Anyway no Chinese person wants to be number 22! In China you must be number 1 or nothing!

Number 1 high school of Tian Xin district.
Rather than staying Changsha number 22 high school, better to change name!
The high school becomes number 1 middle school of Tian Xin district. There are five districts in Changsha.

Unfortunately, students didn't get good results and the high school keeps its bad reputation...

Yali Tianxin district high school of Changsha.
A few weeks ago, number 1 high school of TianXin district of Changsha becomes Yali high school of Tianxin district of Changsha.
Yali is one of the best and most well known school in Changsha. 
In the 20th century, american graduates from Yales university established Yali. Nowadays, several students from Yales come every year to teach at Yali.

Why studying in a good school matters so much in China?
In China parents want their parents to get a good job. They are willing to sacrifice a lot: private teachings, spending a lot...

The Chinese elite school systeme.
In China success in your education is determine by the result at the university entrance exam, Gaokao.

Students who get good grades at Gaokao can attend a good university!
Students who get bad grades can only attend a "bad" university.
Worst some students can not even attend any university. Wealthy parents send them to study abroad.
Once a university student, failure is almost impossible since students are customers and pay a lot. 

Students from the best universities will get the best jobs...
Attending a good high school means more chance to get good result at university entrance exam, Gaokao, and therefore more chance to attend a good university, and therefore more chance to get a higher paid job...

Who can attend which high school?
To attend a good high school, you must live in the high school vicinity.
Therefore a good high school determines the price of real estate!

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