Friday, August 2, 2013

Changsha south of the monkey bridge...

I often running go south of the monkey bridge, or Xinkaipu bridge, along Xiangjiang road, the riverside road.
The road has been rebuilt anew. There is also a new bridge...

The bridge just south of  the monkey bridge.

And there is another bridge more south.

Some fish restaurant.

Some people swim there...

And some cow graze, swim in the river, poe and pee...

This cow is worth 6000rmb! this is quite a summ.
Even though he doesn't look like it, the farmer is rather wealthy. He wanted to sell me one of one beef...

People swim nearby the beefs.

Some fishermen came to rest there and chat.

This is a restaurant boat. There are a few boat, fish, restaurant along the xiangjiang river.
You can go there and eat fresh fish. I am not sure about it though as the river is said to be heavily polluted with cadmium. Better to eat farmed fishes?

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