Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chinese civilized city yearly award!

Every year Chinese cities authorities are bustling: it is the time of the "civilized city award"!

The central  governement send inspectors to all Chinese cities for the whole China!
They will then award the title of "civilized city" to a few cities.

How to win this title?
The inspectors will look at several criteria: cleaniless, tyding up, organization...
I am not sure precisely about all these conditions.

What is the reward?
Local leaders might get promoted.
All civil servants will receive a bonus: extra money. I believe every month during one year.
All retired people will receive a bonus on their pension. I believe every month during one year.

Changsha never ever received the "civilized city title".
But this year I think they did a lot:

An impressive advertisement campain.
Everywhere on the streets you see posters promoting the city.
Some advertising send positive messages.
But to me some advertisement are chocking... But I will let you juge for yourself.

The golden dragon flies and dance, China is blessed.

There is only one earth.

We follow the road that leads us to accomplish our dreams.

China: good chest play.

If we have the same goal and if we unite, together we can cut metal.

Chinese culture doesn't stop.

China dream is my dream.

Someone who love others, everyone loves him.

China: forward!

Save and cultivate moral.

First have a country and then have a family.

If China realizes its dream, happiness will come to all the family.

Strong morale for all China.

Police is very active.
During the time of the yearly control, police is very active.

A friend was fined from driving his scooter with someone else: you can only have one person on a scooter. Still as usualy the police won't stop a foreigner. But at this time of the year they are not lenient (though my friend was able to  bargain the fine and pay less but he got a bill!).

The police in my district is stationed there until 12pm!

The barbecue shops have to wear nice white blouse!
It looks cleaner! :-)

The barbecue in Xinkaipu district has been reorganized.
They reorganized the space and build some lights.
Each shop has its own spot. It took years to achieve this result!
Before it was the first one who would get the best spot. There would be conflict all was supervized by local "personnalities".
Now street commerces can even sell their spot to someone else.

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