Saturday, August 3, 2013

Delivery companies boom in China

More and more Chinese people buy on the internet.
It is a relatively new thing. As back in 2007, Chinese people shopped in shops, today many of them shop on the internet. I believe that young people and young Chinese women are the main internet shoppers.

Shopping on the internet matches well the Chinese people shopping habits. In fact Chinese consummers like to compare price. They always look for some bargain, some present... They want to have value for their money. On the internet it is easy to compare prices.
Most Chinese people like to shop on this website, Taobao:
Chinese people like to buy clothes and accessories but also many imported products such as baby powder milk, jams...

With the boom of internet shopping, comes another boom: the boom of delivery companies.
Things bought on the internet should be delivered to people homes and companies.
Delivery people riding scooters cary purchase to homes and companies.

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