Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Festival of the dead in China: customs and believes

From the 1st july to the 15 july according to the moon calendar it is all soul's festival in China.
Yesterday was the last day of the festival.

For this festival, Chinese people make offerings to their ancestors: food, rice alcoohol, bai-jiu.
They burn incent, use firecracker, burn paper money for their ancestors.
You should burn 3 paper bill per ancestor and for 2 generations, it means 8 ancestors: grand parents and great grand parents.

Why only two generations?
According to tradition that comes from bouddhism, even though most Chinese don't know this they just follow the tradition, dead people will reincarnate.
Over two generations, dead people already found a new body to reincarnate.
Therefore you shouldn't make any offerings.

Don't go out during the dead festival!
During the 15 days of the dead festival, dead people who live under the earth will come back to visit the livings.

They still didn't find a body to reincarnante and look for a body.
According to the believes, when someone dies he goes down under the earth and someone else can reincarnate. Therefore some dead people can be very violent and kill!

I told you about some Chinese people superstition.
Many Chinese people are afraid to go out in the evening during the 15 days of the dead festival.
The most dangerous day is the last day. Since dead people should return under the earth some are desesperate and furious. They want to kill a living and take his place.

I still went out for jogging as usual in the evening. And I realized that almost nobody was out on the street. But there was little danger for me my mother in law told me the dead are afraid when someone is full of life and is not afraid of them. They pray on weak living people.

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