Saturday, August 31, 2013

In China show your legs but don't show your breast!

Whereas in France, women can wear "daring" décolleté, in China improper.
However, Chinese women wear mini-skirt, that would be deemed obscene in France.

Don't show your breast!
Breast are taboo in China.
In China a woman can not show here bra or even a bra belt, it is obscene!

Still Chinese perception evolves. And today you see more Chinese woman with "daring" décolleté.

18th century french décolleté.

Showing your legs
In China legs are not seen as sexual as opposed to breast.
Most Chinese women wear mini-skirt that would be deemed obscene or inproper in France.

In France, Chinese girls mini-skirts would be perceived as too short. They would mean a lack of education, a way to attract, seduce men...
What is more, older Chinese women still wear mini-skirts. It seems to me that they don't realize they are not 20 anymore!
For a young girl wearing a mini skirt and showing your legs can be nice, elegant. But for a older woman it is seens as a lack of good taste.

Chinese girls in summer like to feel confortable and wear short skirts.  
For Chinese people legs have nothing sexual as opposed to breast.


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