Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mao's China: factories organized district life

Today, I want to explain how Chinese cities and districts were organized 50 years ago.

The heart: the factory
The factory owns the land. Factory workers live around the factory.
In a previous article, I showed you Xinkaipu district factory in Changsha.
Today this factory is gone. Instead real estate company builds at its place modern buildings. Time and society change.

A few pictures of factories from different districts:

Habitations around the factory
Workers lived with their families in appartements provided by the factory.
Workers lived according to the factory where they worked! and depending on their position.
Each housing has a number.

Here we can see the building number inside a white circle.

Here we can read the building number written in Chinese on the wall.

The factory built a basketball court for workers and their families.

Workers have small gardens where they grow vegetables.

The district school.

In these garage you could find factory buses used  for instance to transport children for excursion.


  1. It was not long ago when citroen and other factories organised an entire cite in and out of paris, brought in a lot of immigrants from north africa snd eastern europe......in the 16eme, there are still some villas built by citroen for the workers' families. China developed in such as fast pace......

    1. You are right it is the same "development" models.
      People live together with their family working as farmers in the countryside. They leave for big cities where they come to work in factories... All their lives is organized around the factory.

      Anyway this way of life is finished now. There are probably only a few years left and who knows what might come next.

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