Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Chinese milk brands promotional strategies

In their constant fight to promote their brand, milk brand follows various strategies.

Offering presents.

This brand offers a small pack of countryside rice.
It is a way to strengthen the brand and emphasize a rural, organic image.

This milk brand offers a toy for young children.

This milk drink offers some other products from its same brand.

Organic image milk.

I once showed you a milk brand that uses the european organic label.

Here this brand emphasizes on the milk organic quality.

Advertisement on television emphasizes on the countryside life.
Using Western farmers clothes strengthen the western quality of the milk.

Targeting children.

This advertisment targets children.
Drinking milk will help children become more clever and grow faster.
Drinking milk can help children succeed at school which is the main worry of Chinese parents.

Using children mascots: Mickey, Happy sheep...