Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The after scandal: Chinese customers don't trust Nongfu water anymore.

In April 2013, the Beijing Times revealed that Nongfu water failed to meet quality standards established by the central government for drinking water. 
The paper said that Nongfu's bottled water contains higher chemical level above the national standards. In fact the water allows as much as 0,05 milligrams arsenic per liter while national standards set the level at less than 0,01 milligrams.

Nongfu's water denied these revelations and sued the paper.

As you can see from these pictures I took in several shops, customers don't buy Nongfu water anymore. They all buy bottle water from its main competitor "c'est bon".
The two brand want to be seen as quality products offering 1,5 liter bottle, with price set at 2,5rmb. 

As I told you, consequence of the multiple scandals, it becomes more and more difficult for companies and for the central government to win back Chinese consumers trust. Also this loss in trust from Chinese customers touches most consumers (and not only wealthy educated customers) .

Still Nongfu water is a huge group...
It found some parade for this loss of confidence from customers:
Customers don't trust Nongfu water... never mind, the group can focus more on its other products: juices, vitamine water...

As you can  see, the brand sell  some bundle products... this is a way to win back customers trust, reeducate them to drink Nongfu water.