Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where does Changsha new constructions sand comes from?

Ever wonder where Changsha construction sand comes from?

You get some answer north of the monkey bridge...

This road follows the river.
There is lot of sand on the road as trucks keep on going there loaded with sand for construction.

The sand is first carried by boat...

You can see some boat used to carry sand.

Far away the second bridge south of the monkey bridge...

A road sign to dissuade cable thieves. 

A truck loaded with sand.

Some pomp used to refuel boats.

This is how boats load goods...

Workers repair a ramp used to load goods into boats.

Even walls are covered with sand!

This was just outside a cement factory... not sure what waste this is.

This is where boat disembark sand and where it is loaded into trucks.

Lot of sand is taken for this island farther away up the river. The rest probably comes from the coastal area: from Shanghai?

With the heat, the sun, the sand it is a special environment.

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