Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where to buy computer, phone, audio, video equipment in Changsha?

There are two places where you find computer equipment in Changsha:

  1. Gaoqao I told you about this place in my last post
  2. Right of the train station Jiefang road

You can find these two location on Changsha interactive map.
You are standing just in front of Changsha train station: take on your right.

Computer equipment
Right of the train station,  you find a first commercial center where you can buy computer  equipment.
Further on your right take Jiefang Lu. 
At the beginning of the street right side, a shopping center sells audio and video equipment. Then further down Jiefang Lu on your left you will find two more commercial center where you can buy computer and phone equipment.
You find all brands and fair prices.

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