Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where to buy stolen bikes and scooters in Changsha?

In Changsha and in China criminality is low.
But you could get robbed: your  home, your bike, your scooter...

My scooter was stolen once in a few minutes times and even though I used two good lockers!

I have some good advise against thieves: get good  lockers + attach your scooter or bike to something. Often the thieves will come with a truck and simply pick up the scooters and bikes on the truck!
I am  thinking also to install a Chinese flag on  my scooter. I bet thieves love China and won't steal a scooter with a Chinese flag?

Anyway there is a place where you can buy cheap "second hand" bike and scooter.
It is in the evenings (from time to time) around 9pm, on Wuyi lu, Changsha main avenue, at the cross road with Furong road, just under the bridge, opposite of the Carrefour or the shark fin restaurant.

Many of these bikes and scooters are of course stolen.
But they are not necesseraly stolen from an individual.
Some are stolen out of the legal circuit. They come directly from the factory! This is an interesting trend I wanted to tell you about for some time: a saleman or a factory employee will sell brand goods directly at a cheaper price! He will thus earn more. This is a strong blow for factories and multinational. They counter attack as they can.
But I will write an article about this ;-)