Saturday, August 17, 2013

While in France we destroy centuries old churches, Chinese build their "churches"...

Most Chinese people want a beautiful wedding in a church a "western style" wedding.
Therefore in China there is a new trend to build commercial wedding churches...

Ironically back in France centuries old churches are desmolished as villages can not pay anymore for the upkeep. Most french people don't go to the church anymore and they moved to main cities. Increasing percentage of the french people are muslim and they attend mosque.

In fact Chinese people don't understand western symbols. 
They copy some aspects of the western culture. But what they don't know is that these aspects have powerful meanings. They will adopt something they find nice, cool, beautiful...

For instance, a church is a religious edifice. 
When you have you wedding in a church, it means you are religious. 
It is not for romance or for a beautiful show!


French garden in front of the church.
Once again this garden carries many symbols: the control of man over nature, the symmetry and equilibrium...

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