Monday, August 26, 2013

Why Chinese people don't like riped fruits?

In China I often buy fruits.

Often I benefit from some promotions: I buy riped delicious fruits at knockdown prices. They are fruits that no one wants! Often Chinese people wonder why I buy discount fruits. Maybe they think I am too mean?

Promotional offer on riped fruits.

Why Chinese people don't like riped fruits?
Chinese people don't eat fruits as we do!
In France and in Europe or in the USA, we eat fruit after a meal. Fruit is a dessert.

But Chinese people enjoy fruits as a snack between, before or after meals while they watch television or play Mah-jong!
We note that Chinese people would rather buy fruits that you can share between friends, at home such as grapes, plums...

What's more in China, it is important to offer pocket food whenever a guest comes at your home. This is part of hospitality, a key concept in China!
Therefore there is always a fruit basket on the living room table. Most of these fruits will end up rooten in the garbage can. As they are bought green,  they  can last several weeks or months in the basket.

Overall many Chinese people eat few fruits...
In fact there are no desserts in a Chinese meal. Chinese people are therefore not accustom to eating fruits after a meal. Even though Chinese people like watermelon in summer. What is more, they don't realize the importance of eating fruits for a healthy diet. And many fruits are a novelty in China: oranges, apples, pears, grapes...

These pears can stay months in their basket.

Dining room table and snacks for potential guests: fruits, biscuits, sweets, chocolates...


  1. Among Chinese people there is a taboo about eating pears, this is why they don't buy them. On aspect of the taboo is the widespread belief that a pear should not be cut and shared. Oranges in contrast can be segmented and shared during a meal.So its considered very unlucky to cut and share pears. Instead they are used as offerings to the Buddha and to deceased ancestors.

    1. Thanks for the great comment!

      My wife told me it is because pear in Chinese pronounces the same as separation phonetics matters for Chinese people...
      I wrote about this once:

      Also I too noticed pear are often used as offering to small buddhas...
      Maybe it is just because it is a cheap fruit?

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