Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Chinese traffic lights are unsafe?

In China most traffic lights don't work properly...

This is very unsafe!

Some traffic lights are powered off.
They are turned off in the evening, during the night and sometimes in day time.

Maybe the authorities want to save electricity? In China there are still from time to time power out... 
Maybe the traffic lights just don't work well? Or the authorities are doing some test?
I noticed that traffic lights in the city center are seldom powered off...

Traffic lights are not synchronised well
I noticed that traffic lights are not synchronised well.
They will change very quickly from green to a few seconds orange and then red!

In China the traffic is very dense, therefore, there should be as little as possible time loss with the orange light. A Chinese traffic light will be green and then the green light will go on and off a few time. Then you will have a few seconds of orange light before the light turn green.

As a pedestrian, you will often find yourself in the middle of the road when the light suddenly turns green and cars start toward you!

But there is worse... this wrong synchronisation is the cause for many accidents.
Therefore the authorities decided to put the blame on car drivers. A few months ago, the driving code changed: when a driver pass a orange light, he gets several points off his license!
However as Chinese drivers seldom respect security distance with the car in front of them, when a car stops abruptly as the traffic ligh turns orange, the car just behind will often crash it...
In fact this reglementation was canceled after a few months after drivers complained.

I think traffic lights are synchronised identicaly in first tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and in second tier cities like Changsha.
This makes no sens. The traffic is not the same! And car drivers don't have the same education! While in first tier cities, like Beijing, drivers will respect the right lane priority or..., this won't be the case in second tier cities like Changsha!

The traffic light is turned off... Drivers won't respect any driving rules you honk and pass...

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