Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why is Chinese national football team so terrible?

Chinese national team is not qualified for the next world cup.
Chinese players have accumulated to many defeats...

Still China invested huge amount of money in the football industry: foreign coach, foreign players, modern equipment...

So why is Chinese football so bad?
I will give you a few leads:
  • Chinese players get people to pull string for them... once they enter the national team, they can't lose their job. The national selection is often criticized...
  • Chinese players have a fixed salary and few incentives
  • Chinese football clubs are not all yet privatized. Those who are, are still organized too much loke a administration. Players and staff behave didn't integrate a result oriented approach.
  • Chinese football club compete with each other. Unfortuntely too many matches are organized forehand... This is due to the betting industry. All over China illegal betting take place. Local mafias organize this system. This feeds an important corruption... This system stops players from training well and fully benefit from national matches.

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