Saturday, August 3, 2013

Xin-Jiang barbecue sales people, "make fun of" Han Chinese?

In winter many Xin-Jiang migrate all over China.
They sell barbecue lamb meat all over China. Then they travel back home after winter. 
Sometimes they will stay longer in order to sell walnuts or melons.

These Xin-Jiang Chinese are not Han. In fact they belong to a minority group and have western facial features.

When selling barbecue meat they will make a weird sound with their throat: a R sound: "ROUROUROUROUROU". 
Why do they make this sound?

  • It attracts customers. The sound will make them look more authentic, more real, more exotic. And they certainly need advertisement: There were several scandals, as many of these barbecue didn't really sell lamb meat but cat meat instead! After these terrible blow many Chinese people stopped buying barbecue "lamb?" meat from them anymore.
  • I have heard another explanation. Han Chinese people can not speak out the R sound! While most Xin-Jiang people speak arabic, and prononce the R sound. In fact many Xingjiang people can not speak Mandarin Chinese at all! For them making this ROU noise became a way to "make fun" of Han Chinese?
Thus said, all the Xin-Jiang people I have met have always been very friendly and nice to me.

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