Monday, August 12, 2013

Yakult Chinese copies in China

Once I told you about Yakult incredible success in China. It was one year ago.
Now the situation became crazy. Several Yakult copies launched their products.
They copy precisely Yakult packaging.

Even I was even cheated once in China: I thought this was actually Yakult.
In fact it was some disgusting strawberry drink.

In order to counter these fake products, Yakult advertises more and more.
You see Yakult ads on buses.
I believe that Yakult is too expensive for many Chinese people. Yakult copies thrive on this! Anyway most "uneducated" Chinese consumers have no idea what they buy. They have never heard about the original Yakult and as for taste can not tell between quality product and cheap copy.

Another good counter attack would be for Yakult to launch its own low cost product!

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