Friday, August 2, 2013

Young Chinese people African dream

Many young Chinese people dream of Africa.
Among them you find many Chinese students who study french. It is difficult and complicated to work and go to France. But it is much easier to go to Africa...

The African dream

Africa is viewed by many Chinese people as a new eldorado. For Chinese people who study french, working in Africa is often the only chance to find a work related to their studies.

But what primarily attracts Chinese people to Africa are attractive salaries: 7000 to 15000 or even 20000rmb per month! To give you some reference, in central China, in Changsha it is tough to earn more than 2000rmb per month. On coastal area, salaries are often 5000 to 10000rmb, but you have more expenses, the standard of living is higher.

The African nightmare
The african dream can quickly transform into a nightmare...

Chinese thugs companies are more numerous: the attractive salary offered is strictly conditioned by a working contract. The employee will only earn 50% of his monthly salary each month and the rest will be paid at the end of the contract! 
Chinese employees will have to stay until the end of the contract. Of course, the contract often lasts 2, 3, 4 years!

Chinese companies know this well: most young Chinese employees will only last a few months.
As the working conditions are tough:
  • Employees passeports are often confiscated by the company. 
  • Employee will have to live imprisonned inside a company campus, labour camp.
  • Working hours don't matter... since employees live inside the company, the borderline between private life and professionnal life is thin. 
  • Chinese employees have many difficulties to adapt to a different culture. They don't bear the local food for instance. Everything is different. It is a cultural chock.
  • Sometimes locals people don't appreciate Chinese people: Chinese companies don't hire locally but they would rather export their labour force! And Chinese people don't spend so much locally. They would rather cook their own food, bring their own goods from China.

There is worst! some Chinese companies don't even pay salaries. 
Chinese employees can rdo nothing, say nothing! They don't have their passport. They are lost in a foreign country. It is hard for them to ask anything. It is difficult to sue the company since it would be the employee word vs the company word...

As I discussed with some french speaking Chinese employees who just came back from Africa, I understand that these terrible working experiences can strengthen a racist ideology. I was told that black African people are lazy, that they refuse to work, always want more, are corrupted, don't understand anything, are dirty...

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