Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Honda advertisement in China

I saw this advertisement in my Gym. As I was running for some time, I had all the leisure to think it through. I wonder why this advertisement is allowed in China. It is really sexual even though not explicitly.
Chinese society is very prude and sex is taboo. You shouldn't mention it openly. On the contrary Chinese people are less chocked by violence. On Chinese television you will never see anything sexual, whereas you might see some injured or dead people...

You can see the parallel between the woman and the car.
To achieve this parallell the ad uses identical colours: green, blue, black, white.
It also uses similar shape: the shape of the eye, the eyebrows, the shape of the leg.

This advertisement is clearly targeting male customers and teasing basic sexual instinct to do so: the eye of the girl, the curve of the legs and the small tattoe... Did you notice the drop of water in the girl's eye and on her eyebrows or the sexual curve of the leg? It is as if the opening the car door is like opening the girls legs!

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